Wellington, New Zealand
Wellington Stadium - "The Cake Tin"

Besides the government buildings, the downtown area has a popular cafe and nightlife section, and a thriving cultural center.

In 1865, Parliament held its first session in this city as the new capital of the country. The government had just moved from Auckland to this more centralized city. The Supreme Court and other government buildings are located within the city.

Many restaurants in the metropolitan region are award-winning. In fact, per capita, the city has more restaurants than New York City has. New Zealand’s finest cuisine in this area includes much fresh seafood and succulent lamb dishes, and various international culinary delights are available.

New Zealand’s capital hosts a number of major festivals and events, and is a major hub for children’s arts programs, film, music and the performing arts, as well as visual arts of all kinds and writing. The metropolis has many museums and cultural venues. Besides musical pop and other scheduled specials, the city is host to numerous sporting events.

Today, the Hurricanes rugby team, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, and Downstage Theatre and many other cultural organizations make their home in this city. The scenic capital on the shores of the blue harbor is a prosperous metropolis where people love to live, and travelers love to visit.

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