Sky Tower

Sky Tower, Auckand, New Zealand

The Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand is the 12th tallest tower in the world. Taking nearly 2 years to build it has a view on a clear day of up to 80km from its viewing decks. Their are a range of activities provided to participate in as well for a cost. Their is the “Sky Walk” and “Sky Jump”. The Sky Jump is a 200 meter fall from the top of the Sky Tower to the ground below. Prices for the Sky Jump are $225 but if you want to do both you can for a package deal of $290. The Sky Walk is a tour around the outside perimeter of the observatory decks. If you are afraid of heights it is a perfect place to break those fears that you are bound to.

Sky Jump Price

Sky Walk Price

The package deal to do both is $290(NZ).

Sky Tower Price
Adult: $28 (NZ)
Child: $11 (NZ)

General Facts

  • 12th tallest tower in the world.
  • It took a total of 2 years and 9 months to build the Sky Tower.
  • It weighs the same as about 6000 fully grown elephants.
  • The elevators travel at 18km per hour and are made of glass.

328 metres

Sunday – Thursday 8.30am – 10.30pm (last tickets sold at 10pm)
Friday & Saturday 8.30am – 11.30pm (last tickets sold at 11pm)


Glass Elevator Ride Down