Seeing New Zealand for the First Time

Kapiti Coast, New Zealand
Nelson, New Zealand

New Zealand is a small island country in the South Pacific that is famous for its unique culture, breathtaking nature views and natural parks and lakes as well as a thriving museum and arts scene. New Zealand is also known for great local cuisine and a fantastic nightlife. The following guide will tell you everything you need to see as a first time visitor to the nation of New Zealand.
Most visitors arrive in the largest city in New Zealand, Auckland. Auckland has almost one and a half million people and is consistently ranked among the best places to live in the world. Known for having an incredibly clean environment and air, Auckland is a health nuts dream. Auckland is also the most important commercial city in all of New Zealand, and much of the commerce and business done in the country of New Zealand happens in Auckland. Along with a thriving and large business sector Auckland boasts the best nightlife on the island and if you have come to New Zealand to party and hang out at night Auckland is the city for you. There are also a number of culinary options in Auckland including a great deal of fare influenced by East and Southeast Asia, including Indonesian, Singaporean, Chinese, Indian cuisines among others. Auckland also has a number of restaurants that serve sheep and lamb from New Zealand and Australia, which many consider to be the finest in the world.

After leaving Auckland you should head to the Capital and third largest city in New Zealand, Wellington. Aside from being the head of the government of New Zealand Auckland is home to a fantastic cultural scene. One popular attraction is the Wellington Jazz Festival, which showcases Jazz from around the Pacific. Other festivals in town include the New Zealand International Film Festival as well as television, film, and literary awards dinners and shows. Wellington is known as the “best little capital” and while small, has a fantastic nightlife and pub scene. Going out for a drink is great fun in Wellington and the entire city is very visitor and tourist friendly.

After Wellington you should check out the many New Zealand locations that were used to film the popular Lord of the Rings Trilogy. There is a great deal of locations and you may want to see some or all of them. Mt Ruapehu was used as the evil “Mount Doom” which is a fiery volcano where the characters in the movie had to reach in order to fulfill their mission of destroying The One Ring. Also used in the movie are the green mountains and hills near the town of Matamata.

Queenstown is a also great place to visit in New Zealand, known as the outdoor sporting capital of New Zealand not only were a great deal of the most stunning scenes in the LOTR trilogy filmed here, a number of people from all over the world come to Queenstown to engage in outdoor and extreme sports, such as hang gliding, parasailing, mountain biking and much much more. For the outdoor oriented visitor to New Zealand Queenstown is a great place to visit. Queenstown also has an excellent set of restaurants for all of the hungry outdoorsmen.

Visitors to New Zealand have a great deal of options at their fingertips, and these are just a few recommendations of places to visit in New Zealand. Whether you want to be indoors or out, daytime or nighttime, New Zealand has something for you. Just browse through numerous New Zealand holiday packages and you are bound to find something of interest.