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Boogie Wonderland

Boogie Wonderland Nightclub, Wellington

The only place in Wellington where you won’t get frowned out for wearing your high heels and flared pants. The only authentic disco, pop club in Wellington it attracts a mix of generations. The perfect venue to host special occasions with in house DJ’s pumping out the tunes.

The dress code is fairly relaxed but they do expect you to dress tidily. If you don’t take care of your appearance then they assume you won’t take care if there environment so dress to impress people.

Thursday – 9pm until 4am
Friday & Saturday – 9pm until late


Te Papa Museum

Te Papa, Wellington

Te Papa Museum in Wellington is New Zealand’s museum. It holds rich culture artifacts about the history and development of this very young country. Find out everything you want to know about New Zealand and its people. Rich in culture and heritage the museum has live traditional performances by New Zealand’s native peoples the Maori.

With so much going on on a regular basis and so many changes occurring we recommend heading over to the website to keep up to date.

The building which houses New Zealand’s history is a architectural wonder itself. Built to with stand wellingtons regular earthquakes it is a true site to look at.



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