Sky Tower, Auckland

Auckland is a cosmopolitan city with rich cultural traditions, black sand beaches and ancient Kauri forests. It has a diverse citizenry with European, Asian, Maori and Pacific Islander ancestry. This Gateway to New Zealand has the world’s most substantial Polynesian enclaves.

For a glimpse at the country’s history and culture, visit the Auckland War Memorial Museum. It has the largest single collection of Maori treasures in the world. Visitors can experience Maori culture with live performances of native songs and dances. You’ll also learn how the colonial-era European settlers helped shape the country. The Museum has more than one million specimens highlighting New Zealand’s fauna and flora. Visit the Auckland Art Gallery to view vast collections of historic and contemporary artwork by European, Maori and Pacific Island artists.

Situated on a narrow isthmus, the central region of Auckland has harbors on two different bodies of water, the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean. From these harbors, you can kayak, watch dolphins or sail on an America’s Cup yacht. For a bird’s eye view of the harbors, climb the Waitemata Harbor Bridge.

From the first Polynesian explorers to the America’s Cup yachtsmen, Auckland boasts an impressive maritime tradition. Known as the City of Sails, this marine metropolis has more luxury watercrafts per individual than any other city on the planet. One-third of the households own a boat. Auckland is the venue for numerous nautical events and sailing clubs.

Auckland’s west coast has stunning black sand beaches and epic waves for surfing and boating. The scenic coastal walk has cliffs with dramatic views of the Tasman Sea and the world’s best preserved pillow lava. On Auckland’s north shore, you’ll see centuries old kauri trees.

With so many things to do in this vibrant city, Auckland will thrill your senses like never before.

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